Counseling Services

Cartoon kids with stars Small Group Counseling

Small Group counseling will be provided for students that are facing similar situations that impact their success in school. Small Groups will usually consist of about six to eight students and the counselor. They last for 30-45 minutes once a week for 4-6 weeks and many of the meetings occur during lunch in order to limit time out of class. The topics will be decided as needs arise. Students will be given a permission form to bring home to parents before participating in small group activities. 
Common group topics are:
- Divorce
- Anger Management
- Friendship and Self Esteem
- Grief and Loss
- Study Skills

Individual Counseling

I will provide individual counseling to students that request to speak with me or students that are referred by a teacher or parent. Strategies will be decided based on what each particular student’s needs are. For example, helping the student deal with issues of conflict or changes at home/school. This service will be provided on short term basis. If the student needs services that are beyond the realm of a school counselor, outside resources will be suggested. 


The school counselor, teachers, and parents work together to support children.
As an elementary counselor I will work with parents to: 
- Exchange and gather information
- Provide recommendations
- Discuss parenting concerns