Character Education

kindness Monthly Character Education

In Guidance class, students learn about character traits needed to be successful in school and in life. To follow our theme this year, "Believe you can SAIL" (Students Active In Learning), we will cover a new topic each month related to the current needs of the students!

August: Introduction to the Counselor
Students will learn about their new counselor, when to come talk with the counselor, and how to request to speak with the counselor.

September: Caring
Our school of Caring Captains set sail in September! A Caring Captain is ready to make new friends, and look out for those who need help in the school. A Caring Captain is an Upstander, not a bystander, to bullying, and they are always ready to make new friends! Caring Captains know how important it is to make sure everyone feels loved, safe, and included. 

October: Responsibility
In October, our students will become Responsible Rowers! A Responsible Rower puts safety first! Responsible Rowers know what it means to keep the community, their friends and family, and themselves healthy and safe. Responsible Rowers always Say No to Drugs! 

November: Dedication
Dedicated Divers take off in November! Dedicated Divers know what it takes to succeed in school and life! Dedicated Divers use the tools they have to manage their time, set SMART Goals, and plan ahead for their futures. Dedicated Divers always try their best and never give up!

December: Gratefulness
It's the most wonderful time of the year to be a Grateful Guide @ PES! Grateful Guides know that thankfulness and appreciation are the best qualities that a person can possess. Grateful Guides understand that the gift of giving is the best gift of all! 

January: Cooperation
Pacolet Panthers are swimming around and working together this January on the Cooperative Coral Reef. Members of the Cooperative Coral Reef know that everything works a little bit better and faster when people work together. The Cooperative Coal Reef puts teamwork and self-control above all else! 

February: Respect
Respectful Rafters

March: Motivation
Motivated Ship-Mates

April: Mindfulness
Mindful Mariners

May: Perseverance
Persevering Pirates

Terrific Kids

Each month, one student in each class is rewarded for being a Terrific Kid. Our Terrific Kid Program is sponsored by the Spartanburg Kiwanis Club. They receive a Terrific Kid certificate, bumper sticker, pencil, and a Zaxby's coupon.

Our Terrific Kids at PES:
Complete work on time
Demonstrate positive character traits
Have good attendance
Display an attitude of kindness, consideration, and respect towards others